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Dyning hall construction and flooring works and furniture needs Rs. 30,000,00/-

This year 18 very needy newcomers children joining with Emmanuel orphanage.

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In several parts of the country some kill their female child at birth. It is not because they don’t love girls but due to the heavy expenses they have to bear till their marriage. Girls Orphanage was established on July 5th 2000 to provide a shelter, food education and security to the poor and needy girl children. Now 75 girl children are residing here.

Girls who come from distressed or broken homes should be provided with special care for their physical, mental and emotional health, nutritional, developmental and educational needs. We are trying our best to provide the very best in fulfilling the girls, to provide for all that they lack. Some of our children are having talent in cultural activities, sports and games. If given support they can come out with flying colors. The girls here are receiving very warm, devoted care. But our resources are very limited. We don’t have regular support from any source. But some well wishers, who really love the Lord, stand with us by prayer and support. We have great responsibility to bring up these children to the fold of Christ and to get them married when they grow up, so that they will be in safe hands. Your prayerful cooperation is very much appreciated. We need your support to make their future safe.




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