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Dyning hall construction and flooring works and furniture needs Rs. 30,000,00/-

This year 18 very needy newcomers children joining with Emmanuel orphanage.

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There are about 140 residents in this orphanage. They are coming from entirely different circumstances and some of them had undergone terrible experiences in their life. They all are very happy here and living in God’s fear as one family. This Institution has given a meaning to their life and now they are having an aim in their life. This orphanage is functioning with the help of donations provided by local people since its founding. And their contributions are not enough for the smooth running of this institution. We need your help and support to run this institution. If you help us, this institution can able to look after many other helpless children and destitute who are wandering in the streets. We will be blessful if you come to this Children’s Home and visit our children. While we are inviting you, we are promising you that we will pray for you and your family.

Depending on your convenience, you can send your Donations in any of the following ways:
Sponsoring charge of one child for one year. Rs. 15,000/-
Sponsoring chge of one child up to 10th grade  Rs. 75,000/-
Special  non veg.meals  with icecream  for 175 inmates Rs.   15,000/-
Veg. with Payasam     Rs.   12,000/-
Common food with fish curry     Rs. 5,000/-
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