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Dyning hall construction and flooring works and furniture needs Rs. 30,000,00/-

This year 18 very needy newcomers children joining with Emmanuel orphanage.

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In simple words praying means a conversation with God or asking some thing to God or spending time with God. Everyone in this beautiful world prays to God in different ways. Prayer is an essential thing in every ones life. Prayer can prevent the fight between nations. It can heal the diseases and miseries in life. Prayer can change the lives of needy people. In short prayer has a greater power

In Azhakam, we have a prayer group, which includes 20 ladies. They are praying not only for themselves but also for others. In the beginning they gathered every Wednesday for prayer but now

we are having prayer groups in 9 places. In addition to prayer our prayer group members use time for house visit, hospital visit etc. Luke: 18 words “that is Jesus said pray and not to faint.”

We can proudly say that in these last few years we are experiencing Jesus Christ in our life. From different situations in our life and from the experience of others it is certain that our Lord is with us. When we conduct hospital visits or house visits, we can notice the real happiness in them. Our prayers and visits create happiness in the lives of lonely and sick people. Every first Saturday mothers gather together in a home and pray for their children. In short Women prayer fellowship spends the time for the benefit of all the people in the society. From this prayer ministry many people are experiencing miracle healing and a greater joy in their life. If you want any prayer request, please write to us. We shall pray for you. Lord will fulfill all your needs.

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